IWIET 4th International Workshop On Islamic Economic Theory (IWIET) Toward Mainstreaming Islamic Economic In The 4.0 Industry

February, 20-21, 2020, UII, Yogyakarta

12 Proceeding documents

Article Description Download
1 Compliance Behaviour of Business Zakat in Micro Enterprise Firms in Sabak Bernam District of Selangor. Download
2 Bank-Based_Equity Crowdfunding Model Theoretical Perspective. Download
3 Review of Maqashid Sharia on the implementation of Technology in Islamic Microfinance Institutions (IMFI). Download
4 Analisis Penghimpunan Dana Deposito Mudharabah Pada Bank Syariah Di Indonesia. Download
5 Islamic Network-Based Business Model Theory and Practice. Download
6 Bank Wakaf Mikro Model in Improving. Download
7 Utilizing Maqasid Syariah as a Tool in. Download
8 Hahslm Microfinance. Download
9 Idealizing Cash Waqf as Micro-Finance Institution. Download
10 Business Model Without Ribawi Debt. Download
11 Analysis of Money Demand in Indonesia. Download
12 An Inquiry of Constitutional Economics Theory. Download